Betting mainly for a place on greyhounds is fraught with problems largely because of relatively small betting pools, maximum field size of 8 runners and lots of short-priced favourites.

I know several professional punters who make very good incomes from betting on greyhound racing but they are totally dedicated to their form study and they spend countless hours coming up with their selections.

If I am going to the club at night and I want to have a flutter I use a simple system that is not time-consuming and usually gives me a chance to have a wager on the dogs without losing my shirt.

This "10 minute" system involves visiting the Queensland TAB website (TABonline) to collect some basic information.

Click on the TABonline site and go to the greyhound meetings section.

Select the meeting you would like to have some wagers on and open the meeting race by race.

At the top of the screen you will see the RADIOTAB selections for the meeting. At the far right of the screen you will see a rating for each dog.

What I do is cross reference the top-rated runner (100) with the first selection at the top of the screen. Where the 100 rating dog has been tipped to win that becomes my selection for the race.

For some races obviously the tipster's selection and the top rated dog will be out of sync and that simply becomes a no-bet race.

Providing the dog selected is showing a minimum of $1.30 a place I will divide my bet into 30% for a win and 70% a place.

If the dog I want to back is showing less than $1.30 a place I tend to back it straight out for a win only.

If you are betting at home it's worth opening up the website where you can monitor what each runners is paying leading up to a race on the three main TABs in Australia.

Unlike horse racing, greyhound racing results tend not to be significantly affected by wet weather.

Loam tracks, if anything, tend to race better following a shower or two so don't be concerned about wet weather when betting on greyhounds.

However, hot weather can play havoc with greyhounds and if it is really hot I would recommend you think twice before having a wager on the dishlickers.

By the way, you can use the same system to bet on harness racing events across Australia.

Good luck.

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