Roulette is one of the oldest and most famous casino games.

Every Roulette table has its own set of distinctive chips that can only be used at that particular table.

These chips are purchased at the table at which they are to be played and each player is given chips of a unique colour and design so they can distinguish their bets from those of other players.

Below is the system I like to use when playing roulette.

It involves a little research prior to placing a bet but it fits in with the bet4place philosophy of putting the odds in your favour by reducing your risk.

This system is based on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) work of Ion Saliu (

With the probability for a double zero roulette game (1/38 = 0.026) there is a 66.6% chance that each roulette number will repeat after 42 spins. Also, there is a 66.6% chance that the next spin will be a number that also appeared in the previous 42 spins.

You will need a pen and paper to write down the spins in sequence. Ideally you should record 42 consecutive spins prior to placing a bet but I often try my luck after collating 20 spins.

You need to record each spin and which of the following "dozen" groups the ball falls.

1-12 & 13-24; 1-12 & 25-36; 13-24 & 25-36.

A Dozen  bet is placed in one of the boxes marked 'Dozen' and would pay odds of 2 to1 as per the following:

    1st Dozen - Any number between 1 and 12

    2nd Dozen - Any number between 13 and 24

    3rd Dozen - Any number between 25 and 36

Record a Win or Loss for each grouping during your trial study of the spins.

You should find it is quite rare that there are more than two consecutive groups of Loss/Loss.

Therefore, after you see two consecutive Loss/Loss or longer streaks for one grouping you then back that same grouping for a Win.

What I look for is a pattern to emerge in the groupings for consecutive losses.

When I see from my study of up to 42 results that certain groups rarely exceed two successive losses, I then bet on that grouping (i.e. chips on two sections of 12 numbers) after that grouping has lost twice.

You can use a Martingale betting approach. For example first bet - $10 each of your two groups of 12 numbers (total cost $20). If your first bet loses bet $20 on each section of 12 numbers on the following spin (total cost $40). If you second bet loses you the third bet would be $40 on each of your two groups of numbers). If the third loses walk away - it's not your day to win on that table.

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