We are very lucky in Australia to have a wide variety of methods to place our bets.

You can visit your nearest TAB or PubTAB outlet or go to the track when there is a meeting scheduled in your area. Each TAB in Australia also offers online betting facilities.

However, these days I must admit my favourite way to bet is from the comfort of my own home with an online bookmaker via my computer.

I suggest you open a variety of betting accounts so that you are always in a position to seek out the best odds.

Many online bookmakers currently offer attractive bonuses for new account holders and that is another reason for opening more than one account.

Prominent online bookies in Australia include IASbet, SportingBet, Sportsbet and Betezy.

By utilising an online bookmaker you have access to their odds which gives you the opportunity to see the firmers in each race.

If you are tossing up whether to back a certain horse for a place is is very comforting to see it firm in the bookies market prior to your own investment.

Another advantage of using an online bookmaker is that you can take a multibet and couple up your various place selections at different tracks around Australia in an all-up wager.

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